It all starts with developing yourself

Finding your purpose, your passion

Giving you the skills to pursue them



Exploring your potential

Discovering Change

Experiencing Mother Nature

Helping us all to understand what is going on




Honing your performance

Telling others of your journey

Engaging everyone in what we are doing



The Ice Warrior Project

Taking the Pulse of the Planet

"For over sixty years we have known that the polar regions are key to our survival as human beings. They provide a cooling effect which allows us to live in what would otherwise be an uninhabitable environment. We know rapid and unprecedented changes are occurring in the Arctic that effect the rest of the world and yet, scientifically it is still poorly understood.


Since 2001, Ice Warrior has trained over 400 ordinary people from all walks of life to become competent, safe modern-day explorers, undertaking seven major, ground-breaking, purposeful and worthwhile expeditions that have significantly contributed to our knowledge of the Arctic. Our quest is to help scientists gauge the pulse of the planet by developing people, to discover change and deliver it to global audiences in a way which engages everyone in the climate problem we face and which fosters a much better appreciation of the world we live in and on; ultimately, helping us to survive."

Jim McNeill - Explorer and Founder

Jim McNeill Explorer

Why Warrior?

A modern-day warrior is not about war. 

Is not about building armies and conquering nations.

Is not about aggression and domination.

A modern-day warrior is about the person.

Honesty, integrity, empathy, intelligence, courage, tenacity, resolve. Quietly solid.

A modern-day warrior is about purpose.

And there can be no better purpose than our guardianship of the planet we live on

- our existence and survival as a species amongst all species.

We are a fundamental part of nature and our need is to understand, constantly learn and develop

In conjunction with every other species on Earth.

The problem we face is not about “saving the planet” - the planet will go on.

It’s about saving life on Earth.

We are supposed to be intelligent.

Let’s use that intelligence for the benefit of all - before it is too late.

From Complete Novice to Real Polar Explorer

The Northern Pole of Inaccessibility has yet to be reached by humankind. This is the real last world first in the polar regions and also a crucial piece of citizen science.

Jim McNeill Polar Explorer


Jim is one of the world’s most experienced and respected explorers and has clocked up over 35 years of polar travelling and expeditioning.  He has covered thousands of miles mostly on nothing but skis, dragging his world behind him. Few, if any, have that breadth and depth of experience in extreme environments. 

Ice Warrior Polar Expeditions


The most comprehensive and thorough training for extreme environments - Warrior SelectionFunding, Expedition Core Skills and Polar Training prepare you for an Ice Warrior Expedition. 


Expand you skills at our School of Navigation or, for those with experience in cold climates, our Polar Survival School

Ice Warrior BASECAMP Polar Expedition Clothing & Equipment


Ice Warrior has equipped film crews, scientists, rescue teams, cold store workers and many others.  Visit our shop - Ice Warrior Expedition BASECAMP - in the heart of Dartmoor for our hand pick selection of high quality outdoor clothing and equipment.

Jim McNeil Polar Explorer and TV Cameraman


Ice Warrior has trained, equipped and safeguarded TV & film crews across the globe.  Major projects include Frozen Planet, the Natural World series and Marvel's Captain America.

Ice Warrior Polar Expeditions


Jim McNeill can provide comprehensive planning, advice and support to ensure you are properly trained, clothed and equipped for a safe and successful expedition in any environment.