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Warrior Selection 

STEP ONE - before you apply for any of our explorations - ICE or OCEAN (at the moment) - it is essential you know what you are committing to and that you are fully informed. Our aim with Selection is that we meet you, you meet us and we are all happy to take things further. 

Have you ever wondered whether YOU might suitable for an extreme expedition?

It is NOT about being SUPER FIT. We can train you to be fit. It's about using your brain and your body.

Warrior Selection is designed to give you a feeling of what it is like.

It's frustrating, exhausting, full-on, frenetic, calm, exacting, exciting, enlightening, enthralling - all this and more.

You may hate parts of it but overall and afterwards, it's great fun and you will love it!

Tuesday 18:00 - sharp

You and the rest of your team receive an email detailing compulsory kit and giving you a rendezvous (RV) point, using an eight figure OS grid reference and a precise time to be there. 15:00 on Friday; suited, booted, and “prepared” for the next 48 hours.

It then gives you your first team task; to arrive at the RV with the least amount of vehicles. The rest of the evening you liaise with your new team mates as to where they are located and what transportation they have available. A plan is hatched picking various people up on route, down from Scotland, where the furthest team member lives. All communications are copied to Jim McNeill, the Course Director.


Friday 14:00

You and your new friends make it to the RV and an hour early, just to be on the safe side. No sign of anyone orchestrating, anything. More people, maybe teams, arrive and you tentatively greet and ask others whether they might be involved. You tighten your shoe laces, fiddle with your rucksack, fasten your zips, ready for anything. Or, are you? Doubt creeps in as the butterflies flutter in your stomach and you mentally go over everything in your dry bags and where they are in your sack and what’s in your pockets, over and over.


Friday 15:00

Jim appears, as if from nowhere and bang on time, shouldered by his team of obviously professional outdoors people, with almost expression-less, faces. Jim starts his briefing, breaking into a wide smile and a warm greeting..... and the games begin…..

Current Dates

19-21 January 2024

09-11 February 2024

08-10 March 2024

06-08 September

04-06 October

15-17 November

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