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ICE WARRIOR EXPEDITIONS LIMITED, hereinafter known as “The Company”



By signing The Company’s Enrolment Form you agree to comply with and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Once a completed Enrolment Form has been accepted by The Company the participants named on the Enrolment Form will have entered into a binding contract on the basis of the following Terms & Conditions. These Terms & conditions are subject to variation without prior consent in writing from The Company. Expeditions and Training Courses are known as activities.


Pricing and Payment

Unless otherwise indicated, the costs of The Company’s activities are inclusive of all accommodation, meals, some beverages, equipment and instruction.

We reserve the right to alter costs in response to a variety of conditions beyond our control. We will absorb the first 2% of any increase but thereafter will pass further increases on to you. Full payment is required 6 weeks prior to commencement of activities. A deposit of 15% per person, £100 minimum, is required to secure a place before this time.



All participants must ensure that they have taken out full and appropriate insurance for their particular activity and we require that copies of such insurance be sent to us as soon as possible after enrolment. We are able to advise on insurance for those who wish. All participants must be insured for search & rescue, medical costs and repatriation in an emergency. Baggage and personal effects are at the risk of the participant at all times.


Participant Conduct

Participants are expected to comply with the reasonable instructions and leadership of The Company’s staff and conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at all times. The Company reserves the right to remove any participant from the activity at the staff’s discretion and will not be liable to any losses as a result and is also entitled to any reasonable costs arising, payable upon demand.


Medical conditions and fitness

Participants must complete and sign a consent form prior to commencement. Medical information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence. The Company cannot be held responsible for illness occurring as a result of an on-going medical condition or poor fitness level. If you have a medical condition The Company advises you to seek your own doctor’s advice.



Complaints will only be accepted during the activity period and should be brought to the attention of a member of staff who will endeavour to rectify any situation causing dissatisfaction. Should the cause of a complaint persist please notify us in writing within 28 days and we will endeavour to deal with the matter fairly and swiftly.


Cancellation of your Activity – by you

If for any reason you wish to cancel your participation we must be notified in writing, on receipt of which, we will acknowledge your cancellation. The charges made by us, based on the date we received your written confirmation of cancellation are as follows:

More than 42 days’ notice – deposit only

42-28 days’ notice – 60% of total cost

27-14 days’ notice – 80% of total cost

Less than 14 days’ notice – 100% of total cost

Proven exceptional circumstances will be considered, however, we advise you to have cancellation insurance.


Cancellation or Alterations – by us

The Company will not be responsible for any delays or alternations to the intended plan caused by illness, weather, strikes, war or threat of war, natural disaster, refusal of visas, riots, terrorism, political events or civil action affecting air or ground transport, or other events amounting to force majeure. We will send you details of alterations as soon as we are aware of them. Should we have to cancel the activities for reasons beyond our control (as above) then we will inform you without delay and shall offer a prompt refund of monies paid. We accept no liability for compensation beyond this refund. No refund will be made for any costs incurred by The Company up to this point. However, we will endeavour to obtain a refund ourselves for those costs and should we be successful then we will pass this on to you, less any administrative charges. The Company reserves the right to cancel all and any activities without reason or notice. In this unlikely event The Company agrees to refund all monies in full.



The Company’s activities are by nature never completely free from hazard. Whilst all reasonable precautions are taken to minimise the risks, participants accept that accidents, including serious injury and death can occur without The Company being at fault. Participants also recognise that The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage to the personal property of the participant, including money, clothing or equipment. The Company will only accept liability for physical injury to a client that is shown to result from negligence on the part of The Company and takes no responsibility for any loss or injury occurring as a result of the participant’s failure to follow instruction and also takes no responsibility for any mishap during an activity from any instruction or information not given by The Company’s staff. The participant also recognises that attendance on The Company’s activities in no way qualifies him or her to teach the course content. The Company therefore accepts no responsibility for any mishap occurring to third parties taught by attendees of any Company course.



Where clients are entrusted with the use and care of specialist equipment they may be made liable for payment arising from any loss or damage made as a result of misuse or negligence.



Participants must accept and abide by the decisions of The Company’s staff and by signing the Enrolment Form agree to do so. All participants should be fit and in sufficiently good health to enjoy their chosen activities. If you have doubts about your health, please discuss this with us and we can advise. All contracts and matters arising from them shall be subject to English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Counts. Participants are required to sign the Enrolment Form acknowledging that they have read and fully understand and accept The Company’s Terms & Conditions.

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