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I have been a keen outdoors person all my life which stems from my gamekeeper father. In 1984 aged 16 I joined the Army and after a year realised I wanted more so I volunteered for Commando training which I completed at the age of 17 earning my much coveted Green Beret.

I then went on many training courses delivered in both the UK and around the globe of which many where in hostile environments.

I came away trained to operate and survive in Arctic, Jungle, desert and temperate climates.

I became a Sniper Instructor, Combat Medic, All Arms Commando course Instructor, Firearms Instructor and much more.

When I left Her Majesty’s Forces I become an Armed Hostile Environment Security Consultant working for US Dept of Defence and Dept of State predominantly in Iraq, Afghanistan and also worked within the Anti Piracy sector protecting shipping from Piracy attacks. Later I became a Diplomatic Armed Bodyguard working for the US and Japanese Embassies.

My love of Navigation lead me to trips in remote areas of the UK like Scotland, Wales and Dartmoor teaching survival and all levels of navigation.

I am a member of the Dartmoor Mountain Rescue Team (Tavistock) and currently the trainees training officer.

My love of Norway and the Polar Arctic lead me to Jim McNeil at Ice Warrior and after being put under Jim’s microscopic keen eye thus assessed on my skills, knowledge and teaching abilities and after some time in Svalbard have now become one of two senior instructors for Ice Warrior.

I look forward to meeting you all

Alan Thompson
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