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Would you know what to do?

After a busy month of work, you can finally relax and turn your attention to the hiking trip that you planned weeks ago. Accompanied by your three good friends, you head off onto the moor after a fabulous cooked breakfast at the local café. The weather is perfect, spirits are high and you all have a wonderful day of walking ahead of you. As experienced hikers, you know that becoming lost on the moor is of no concern. Identifying the flora and fauna is no challenge. Your kit and clothing is above and beyond the requirement for the day. No one is going to call you; its not like you have any reception out here anyway. Miles away from major roads, the last trace of civilization lost to a wilderness of heather, gorse and granite. Pure bliss.

So when your best friend is unresponsive after falling down a rocky slope and their foot is now at an odd angle .... would you know what to do?

Accidents do not just happen to other people. By taking one of our Remote Medical Training Courses, you can equip yourself for that moment when the unimaginable happens.

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