Thundery Sky

Weather is clearly a signficant issue in the UK and particularly on the moors. Here at Ice Warrior Expedition BASECAMP we stock a range of books on the weather -

Instant Weather Forecasting by Alan Watts

The Cloud Book by Richard Hamblyn

How To Read The Weather by Storm Dunlop

From Instant Weather Forecasting -

Thundery sky

Major Influence Thundery outbreaks within the next 12 hours or less. Use of the Crossed Winds Rule will tell if an unstable warm front is downwind and so warn of thunderstorms.

Major Clues 1. Undulating lines of altocumulus castellanus, accompanied by generally disorganised groups of altocumulus floccus with filaments, streaks or small dapples of cloud showing dark against higher clouds. 2. General regime preceding thundery weather. High temperatures, little wind, possibly high humidity.

Weather Books
Some of our range of weather related titles

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