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The Why Foundation - Climate Change

On Monday 25 March, Jim will be taking part in "Why Argue?" as part of the CPH : DOX ( Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival). He was kindly invited by The Why Foundation.

From the events Facebook page -

" WHY ARGUE? is a series of hour long conversations about power structures, facts, media and the right to ASK WHY. As part of the official CPH:DOX 2019 programme, we invite you to an intimate and intriguing dialogue as known from the French Salon tradition.

When it comes to the environment — is the media failing us? Do scaremongering narratives around climate change encourage people to take action? Does the debate focus to much on personal consumer choices and too little on holding private companies to ac-count? Join us in a conversation between the infamous meteorologist Jesper Theilgaard and polar explorer Jim McNeill to understand more about the defining issue of this century. "

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