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The draw of the great outdoors

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

During these extraordinary times we are all being told, correctly, to stay at home and limit our contact with other people. However we are permitted to exercise - walk, run or cycle. I was out on the moor this morning. It was quiet and it allowed me time to rationalise my thoughts for the day ahead. Walking in small groups and giving everyone else space is the order of the day. Also remember to bring your own snacks with you as the pubs, cafés and coffee shops that are usually there to fuel us up are closed.

The doors of Ice Warrior are currently closed, however if you require a pair of boots or a jacket, you can still contact us by phone ​​- 01822 890338 - or via the website. Deliveries can be sent to you directly.

Keep safe, keep in-touch and follow the guidelines.

Dartmoor National Park
Dartmoor, near Princetown, this morning
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