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So you think you know how to navigate?

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

You’re travelling on a path. The mist comes down. The path becomes indistinct. There are now three paths that are only slightly discernible. A slope appears to your left and two of the “paths” seem to be heading down the slope. The other continues straight on at the same height, into the mist. You stop and consult your map, which simply tells you there is only one path…..unless you weren’t where you thought you were.

You take a good look at the map now and find there was an intersection with another path crossing the one you think you’re on, some way back from where you thought you were. You think you must be there. In which case you should take the path heading down the slope. Visibility is now about 5 - 10 m, at best. The slope gets steeper and you notice that as you look down the slope the mist is much lighter, brighter. The “path” turns into more of a sheep track and cannot possibly be the path on the map.

Doubts, lack of features, fitting the map to the ground, not knowing where you were in the first place. You wish you’d brought your old compass with you now

Mentally the questions arise, doubt creeps in, you begin to realise you may be lost, you try and rationalise the map and ground you’re on. A tremor of panic sets in. You loose focus because you’re thinking, what if I am lost? How embarrassing would it be to call rescue. Blimey, I’m getting quite cold. Have I got the right gear with me?

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