A few Christmas gift ideas

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Silva Pocket Compass - £9.00

A simple, fun and actually quite useful "stocking filler" for a young person to stimulate their interest in the outdoors.

Light My Fire Firesteel Bio Scout - £10.00

Always good to have in your backpack for those times when you need to fire up a blew.

GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug - £14.00

A light-weight, robust thermal mug for your hot beverage of choice.

Granger's Clothing Care Kit - £14.50

We have a wide range of Granger's products in the shop. These handy kits contain everything you need to care for your outdoor clothing.

The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book - £14.99

Challenge your friends and family to a Christmas geography quiz with this beautiful book from the Ordnance Survey.

Victorinox Camper 13 Function Penknife - £16.00

Once you have a good penknife, you wonder how you ever got by without one.

Polar Reflective Buff - £20.00

This new addition to our range of Buffs is ideal for cycling, running or walking during the long winter nights.

Petzl Tikka 300 - £27.00

During these long, dark nights a head torch can come in very handy. This is a great entry level model.

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