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Worthwhile Purposeful Expeditions
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Purposeful, Worthwhile, Citizen Science Explorations

Our Flagship Expeditions

"When I started Ice Warrior in 2001, I wanted it to be accessible to everyone, to contribute to our knowledge and understanding of the Polar Regions and to show that ordinary people, from all walks of life, with the right attitude and training can achieve extraordinary things. (I was living proof!) That’s exactly what we do.


I call this modern-day exploration and I feel it is about as close as we can get to emulate the golden era of exploration, when we knew so little of our World and the risks were much higher. But although the discoveries we make these days are more about climate change, pollution and changes in biodiversity than mapping undiscovered areas, it doesn’t make them less important.


Arguably, more so, because if we are to be true guardians of our Earth (and for me this is part of being civilised), then we have a great deal to learn from it, still, and the fact that Ice Warrior can contribute to this makes me feel very proud indeed." Founder, Jim McNeill.

Other Polar Expeditions

We've had so much interest in what might be termed standard but extraordinary experiences that we have decided to offer a number of highly selected expeditions that you can simply buy into. some of these we will run ourselves, some we will run using other people's logistics and some we will simply be an agent for. Regardless, each is vetted and selected by Jim, personally and bears his recommendation.

Please see the accompanying pages. 

Bespoke Expeditions

Over the 20 years of Ice Warrior's existence (and in fact well before) Jim has been approached to train and create special extremem expeditions for other people. Whether it is a purposeful endeavour or simply an adventure, we have created, trained, outfitted and looked after all the aspects of safety for numerous expeditions particularly in the Polar Regions.

Expedition Consultancy

Our expedition consultancy is second to none. 

We kit, clothe, equip, train and do the logistics for: Scientists working in extreme environments – whole camps provided and provisioned | TV and film crews – we are major BBC and independent production company suppliers | Individual adventurers and explorers | Whole teams – expedition, working, safety, disaster relief, rescue, etc.| Photographers | Florists with cold feet | Cold store operators – cold feet and hands! | Warehouse operators | Exploration camps for gas, mining and oil companies | Disaster relief agencies | Companies, families and individuals wanting to prepare for extreme weather occurrences | Window cleaners – gloves and socks | Ground workers and builders | Construction engineers and surveyors | Schools | DOE | Ten Tors and other organisations

To mention but a few!

Expedition History

Ice Warrior Expedition History



30 day traverse of Ellesmere Island through the Sverdrup Pass to the Geomagnetic North Pole


Team of 6



30 day expedition to the Geomagnetic North Pole collecting snow samples for particulate matter analysis 


Different route and different team of 11


30 day, exploration of the Northwest Passage, snow sample collection and sea ice analysis


Team of 8


15 day, circuitous route of Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island


Team of 8



30 day expedition to the Geomagnetic North Pole collecting snow samples for particulate matter analysis


Team of 10



23 day polar bear counting expedition on Spitsbergen – circuitous route to east coast and back


Team of 8


14 day polar bear counting expedition on Bathurst Island


Team of 6

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