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Polar Expedition Training

Drawn from Jim McNeill's 35 plus years of polar expeditioning, our training is comprehensive, intensive, wholly fulfilling, great fun and second to none. We will train you in every aspect which makes you competent at living, working and playing in one of the world's most extreme environments.

We have two bases. One in Resolute Bay, High Arctic Canada and the other just 800 miles form the North Pole on the island of Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway.

These courses are based in Svalbard and give you a true experience of the Arctic - polar bears and all!


Polar Training

For many, this will be their first taste of polar expeditioning and their first experience of the really cold nature of polar expeditioning – even though you will be accommodated much of the time. The aim of the course is to establish a good skill set for extreme expeditioning and then practice those skills. The syllabus remains flexible throughout but includes: skiing; navigation; clothing; equipment; risks and managing them; cold water immersion; emergency procedures and critical crisis management. There will be a series of evening lectures and discussions on various aspects of setting up and being on an expedition, showing some of the many photographs and video clips Ice Warrior has accumulated over the years.

Advanced Polar Training

If you’d like to extend your previous cold climate experiences to include the polar regions then this is the course for you. You should have some back-country or cross-country skiing, mountaineering and wild camping experience and we will measure and record your development throughout, so whether you’re heading towards an Ice Warrior flagship expedition or considering your own expedition, you can join us. Most people stay on from the Polar Training course.

Training Expedition

This is where we put you to the test in a real expedition environment. So if you have previous experience and want to extend and test your polar skills or you have attended both the Polar and Advanced Polar Training Courses, then this one's for you. On a briefing and debriefing basis we will go through every scenario and eventuality you might face on expedition. Perfect preparation for your own expedition, north or south.

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