Instructor Training

The programme involves a combination of technical input, during courses, mentoring, placement, further advanced input and finally a personal assessment and a written assessment and report. Your progress and competence will be measured from the start. On-going advice and mentoring is provided free of charge thereon after.


Basic Instructors Course – 4 days £600 - 4-7 September 2020

Advanced Instructors Course – 4 days £600 - 4-7 December 2020

Placement as Assistant Instructor at one of our training camps, Svalbard or Resolute Bay – mentoring and training - 22 days £5000 - 11 January - 1 February 2021 (Svalbard)


I run the course, personally, and very much in the style of an apprentice but it also involves exposure to other very experienced Ice Warrior Instructors.


On successful completion of the course you will be given a written assessment and personal reference, detailing the skills you have acquired and experience attained.


Courses include accommodation, instruction, course notes, team kit, access to staff discounts on kit and equipment.

Do email me directly to discuss -

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Ice Warrior Expedition BASECAMP, Tavistock Road, Princetown,

Devon PL20 6QE

​​Tel: 01822 890338

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