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Instructor TraininG

learn to be a great instructor

If you are serious about learning to instruct properly then read on. This is more of an apprenticeship than a course, working alongside me (Jim McNeill) personally, developing your soft and hard skills to reach the stage where you are a very high performing instructor. The programme involves a combination of technical input, during courses, mentoring, placement, further advanced input and finally a personal assessment and a written assessment and report. Your progress and competence will be measured from the start. On-going advice and mentoring after training is provided free of charge.


Basic Instructors Course – 2 days £600

Advanced Instructors Course – 2 days £600 -

Polar Instructors Internship - approx 24 days £6000 Placement as Trainee Polar Instructor at one of our training camps, Svalbard or Resolute Bay.


I run the course, personally, and very much in the style of an apprentice but it also involves exposure to other very experienced Ice Warrior Instructors.


On successful completion of the course you will be given a written assessment and personal reference, detailing the skills you have acquired and experience attained.


Courses include accommodation, instruction, course notes, team kit, access to staff discounts on kit and equipment.

Do email me directly to discuss -

Comment from Sean


"I've been an Instructor for a number of years and in many different environments. As such, I felt confident in myself and my methodology prior to starting. After this course, however, I can honestly say my entire belief on what fundamentally makes good instruction so important, has changed.

I feel the key elements that make the Ice Warrior Project such a powerful concept is, firstly, the complete and utter honesty of everyone involved and, secondly, the huge variation in personalities and backgrounds. Jim and the team are somehow able to extract and develop your individuality as an Instructor and at the same time carry you forward in a way that positively affects everything you do, not only as a person, but as part of a team.

I'd never gone into the importance of soft skill development in so much depth before.  To then take these skills and put them into the context of such extreme conditions, completely changes the way you think. My only regret is not finding out about this course sooner."

Comment from Samantha Clifford


"Over the last 20 years I have been through the Mountain Training system on several different courses and assessments and I have been involved in leading and instructing teams in an outdoor/mountain environment including youngsters and adults. 


Whilst those courses are designed to be great at ensuring the candidates have the appropriate hard skills and the base level of personal and group experience required to be able to safely take people into the hills and mountains of the UK what is missing is the real development of the soft skills required to instruct, deliver and lead. 


The Ice Warrior Instructor Training Basic is a must for any instructor wishing to develop themselves beyond the training they receive through gaining NGO outdoor qualifications and is also an excellent continuous personal development course. The training is delivered by highly experienced members of the Ice Warrior staff and the learning is a perfect mix of interactive class room sessions, outdoor learning and scenario based learning.


The course has allowed me to really build on those original skills that I learnt up to 20 years ago, to develop how I deliver hard skill instruction sessions but probably more importantly developing the soft skills associated with becoming a far more complete instructor/leader/guide."

Comment from Zak Walters

"The basic instructor course is a must.

If you have ever worked as part of a team you will know that not being on the same page as your colleagues comes with its challenges. And this course was all about getting us all on the same page.

From the get go Jim prioritises honesty amongst us all: letting us know what he expects from us, what the job entails and the challenges we will all soon be facing. 

The course's activities challenge you but is also a chance to show the ice warrior team what you're all about. 

I would recommend it to anyone."

Jim McNeill British Expedition Leader

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