Meet The Staff

Jim McNeill

Explorer and Founder. Jim has a passion for getting the best from people - realising their potential and believes that most people don't get that far. 

Sam Clifford

Operations Director and aspirant Polar Instructor. I love inspiring people to achieve things they didn't think they could using my 35 years of hill, mountain, rescue and expedition experience in the UK and Europe. So looking forward to going Polar!

Mac McNeill

Content Media Editor. Living and breathing creative. I believe the environmental issues facing our planet are the most important and dangerous elements of this era, which is why I wish to bring awareness to these issues.

Zak Walters

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Patty Penny

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Peter Penny

I have the tile Aide de Camp and delight in looking after the entire team. 

Alan Thompson

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Michael Petit

Instructor. I have come right through the Ice Warrior training scheme from complete novice through to fully fledged instructor and live partly in Svalbard. 

Curtis Knapton

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Helen Habershon

Helen Habershon


Part of Jim’s dream and Ice Warrior’s raison d'être is to convey the polar regions and their importance in every way, shape and form. Music evokes memories, emotions, feelings and conveys atmosphere and situation. Great music has the magical ability to paint pictures and tell stories.


As a composer and clarinettist with a highly distinguished performance history, Helen has this wonderful talent, in spades. She is deeply influenced by nature and describes her composing as receiving “downloads” from her inspirations. She has composed a piece called “Farewell Ice” specifically for the project which appears on her third album, “Found in Winter”.


“It is such a fabulously rich, moody, sad, haunting and poignant piece which, to me, epitomises the demise of the sea ice on the Arctic Ocean. I’m so chuffed she is part of Ice Warrior”. Jim


Her music is frequently broadcast around the world and can be purchased from her website HERE

Farewell Ice


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