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Global Warrior

We are quietly going global

Earth’s extreme environments are the best indicators of global change.

Ice Warrior participants have been gathering crucial climate change data in the Arctic for over 20 years.

Now we are expanding and will conduct the most comprehensive ground-truthing of Earth, ever.

Why? Because our scientists need help, now:

  • validating and calibrating remote sensing devices - satellites - for accuracy

  • making measurements as near real time as possible - there is a serious time lag at present

  • penetrating areas, they have not reached

  • simply gathering more data

We will explore our oceans, deserts, mountains and jungles as well as our polar regions.

For Life on Earth
Species | Pollution | Populations | Tipping Points | Weather | Water


And You, Your Brand, Your Company, Your Organisation can be an integral part of this.

Please help.

We all need to act as quickly as possible.


There is no time to lose.

For Our Clan

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For Our Brands

Exposure | Purpose | Platforms | Value | Shareholder/Employee Participation

Earth's Extremes

Five extreme environments will witness the most comprehensive ground-truthing of our planet.

Thousands of miles of exploration.

Hundreds of ordinary people, trained from many nations, seeking clever solutions to man-made climate change.

Gathering millions of pieces of empirical data.  

A collective approach, orchestrated by the world’s top scientific organisations including NASA.

Citizen science at its best.

Pack ice at 80 degrees north.jpeg


Ice is crucial for our very existence. It keeps the world at a temperature where life can exist. 


Oceans are the most important factor in controlling carbon in the atmosphere. Absorption, storing and releasing green house gases.

sea wave in the atlantic ocean during storm.jpeg
Sunrise in Sahara desert, Morocco.jpeg


Desert Warrior

Coming Soon........


Jungle Warrior

Coming in 2024....
Dense jungle.jpeg
sunrise in the mountains.jpeg


Mountain Warrior

Coming in 2024....

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