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Funding & Sponsorship

Gain the skills required to raise the funds for your upcoming expedition.
Jim has now put this course online - please get in touch if you wish to take the course - £160
F&S Course Outline.png


Stuart Ginbey

This is a great workshop to put the full story together & understand why we are doing this. We have covered the full details of the expedition & looked at all aspects of fundraising and sponsorship. It gives us a strategy of how to approach companies & get across our message. Thanks Jim a very informative weekend!

Paul Gill

Had a greatly inspiring weekend, absorbing Jim’s insights, advice, thinking and of course humour. Been left feeling motivated and illuminated.

Nela Popovic

Having never believed I could fundraise, I leave with confidence and valuable tools which will help me grow and expand my horizons. This has been a truly inspiring course. Thank you Jim.

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