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Expedition Core Skills

Flying in the face of adversity - when the economy puts the squeeze on us all there is only one thing I can think of doing to help.

I'm dropping the price of our EXPEDITION CORE SKILLS COURSE back to almost what it was when we started, way back in 2001.


From £1500 to £1005 - 33% discount.


There are only two conditions:

1. You pay by direct bank transfer

2. You book and pay at least 1 month before the event

To activate this process send me an email directly.

I hope this helps you find the explorer inside you.

Hope to see you on the course! Jim

Would you like to become a competent outdoors person in one course?

Or, have you ever dreamt of being on an expedition? Our comprehensive expedition training programme will give you

ALL the skills necessary to either conduct your own expeditions or be a brilliant team member in someone else’s - perhaps ours?! You can join as a complete novice or hone and extend your existing skills. Perfect preparation for anyone thinking of undertaking national qualifications such as HML, ML, EML, etc. 

We also measure and certify your level of competence at the end - not just a piece of paper but a real reference from me - Jim McNeill 

This is a 10-day course including:

  • Outdoor Medical Training - 4 days from novice to advanced level - recognised by all governing bodies

  • Technical Skills - 6 days - including Campcraft, Navigation, Technical Rope Skills, Physical and Mental Preparation, Planning, Logistics, Leadership, Teamwork and much more.

The only pre-requisite for any of the core training is an open mind and the right attitude….Positive!

All courses include: accommodation, food, local transportation, instruction, team kit​, notes, certificate, etc.

See the full course OUTLINE

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