Guided Expeditions

An enormous part of what motivates and fulfills my life is introducing people to the wondrous experiences our natural world offers and these guided expeditions allow everyone to do just that.

They are completely beyond the realms of tourism but give our participants some idea of choice and are usually places I’ve found myself and taken either film crews or scientists to.

All are, in my opinion, spectacular experiences.

It is a little known fact but I am a bit of a desert expert as well as polar and mountain, so as you’ll see below, we are slowly developing our other extreme environment expeditions along the same successful lines as Ice Warrior.

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  • High Arctic Canada - Wildlife and photography smpolarbear1_000-300x188

    TBC Please enquire – 14 days

    To experience Arctic wildlife, up-close and first-hand is thoroughly exciting and the only real way of doing this is to immerse yourself in their natural environment. We do just this, going way beyond the bounds of tourism. We will be venturing into extremely remote environments, where others simply don’t go.  These are areas where Jim McNeill has guided the BBC to make wildlife films and where you may meet the occasional scientist.

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  • South Georgia - Shackleton's Route traverseend-300x200

    Nov – Dec TBC – please enquire
    28 days

    £12,800 Stanley to Stanley

    Our expeditions to South Georgia will re-trace the steps Shackleton took to traverse the island in 1916, looking for an escape back to civilisation so he could then rescue his shipwrecked crew stranded back on Elephant Island. We will also visit his grave at Grytviken. Currently in Development

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  • Jordanian Desert - The Forgotten Silk Road IMG_0250-1-300x199

    November  TBC please enquire – 15 days

    Our expedition will uncover an ancient and forgotten part of the Silk Road trading route across Jordan.  Abandoned around 300 years ago because so many of the trading camel trains were attacked and robbed; it was deemed too dangerous.  We will explore and document this unchartered route cataloguing and photographing evidence of the stone markers and other archaeological finds in conjunction with Jordanian government archaeologists.

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  • Summer Hiking Through The Arctic Tundra - Svalbard smIWarcticfoxbyjimmcneill-300x192

    TBC please enquire – 10 days

    We will be hiking both along the coast and inland,  Amongst the wildlife we might encounter are walrus, bearded, and ringed and harp seals, beluga whales, the rare and elusive bowhead whale, reindeer, Arctic fox and immense seabird colonies. The real prize though is the mighty polar bear who reigns over this magnificent domain.

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