Performance Training


“I cannot recommend involvement with Ice Warrior highly enough. This is an extremely professional, committed and driven organisation which has much to teach people about how to achieve their personal and business goals”

Jonathan Geldart
Global Director Marketing Communications
Grant Thornton International Limited

Throughout my life I have built teams to really work well. Whether it is to accomplish record making polar expeditions, to successfully operate in critical crisis fire and rescue situations, or to compete effectively in the commercial arenas of life, the elements of success are the same. I can “hand-on-heart” say that what I’ve learnt over the past 30-odd years about what motivates and nurtures a team to perform well, really works and whether you’re a team player or a captain of industry a full appreciation of each others position and role is essential.

Our performance training is based on our courses Warrior Way or entirely bespoke and all about taking the lessons learnt in developing teams to push the boundaries of human endurance in the world’s wildest environments and applying them to your situation.

My own feelings are:

Performing well makes you feel good

Getting others to perform well makes you feel great

Performance of a team depends on individual performance

Be bold, push your boundaries but don’t go beyond them

For an informal chat about helping to make your personnel, company or sports team really perform please call me on +44(0)777 565 1471.