Film & TV

I feel very privileged to work with some of the greatest natural history filmakers and on some of the most iconic productions. It all started back in November 2006 with a phone call out of the blue asking me about the whereabouts of arctic wolves. I ended up training the crew, specifying and supplying all the gear, creating the safety and logistical plans and guiding the whiole,crew out on Ellesmere Island, Canada.

And I’ve been employed on productions as an extreme climate safety expert and adviser ever since.

Nowadays I’m asked to get involved with big Hollywood movies too, which is fantastic and adds the all important diversity needed to keep me keen! My latest was Captain America for Marvel Comics, specifying and supplying all the gear for an Arctic scene.

Can’t wait for my first James Bond – they make them only a few miles from where I live!

Services include:

Safety management in polar, mountainous and desert regions
Safety planning
Safety audit
Risk assessment
Dynamic risk assessment
Environmental extreme weather training
Safety team selection, provision and training
Medical emergency planning, training and exercising
Critical crisis management
Key person safety
Contingency planning
Equipment specification, testing and procurement
Location selection and advice
Medical team selection and provision
Fire team selection and provision

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“Despite having travelled a huge amount in the Tropics with the BBC Natural History Unit and as a biologist beforehand I was an Arctic virgin before I went on Jim’s Ice-Warrior Course. After an intensive five days, down in Berkshire and in the shadows of Ascot Racecourse I felt more than equipped to take on 80 degrees north for the ‘Sisters of the Snow’ Natural World. I thought the course was incredibly well organised and went through everything from a very comprehensive wilderness first aid course with much hands-on practice, to GPS work, workshops on clothing, the use of special knots and what to do when a polar bear comes a little bit too close! Jim is particularly strong on logistics and emergency planning with particular relevance to the Arctic and so by talking through our needs, Jim was able to help particularly with formulating robust emergency procedures and look at complex coordination issues from all sides.
Jim is good humoured, incredibly genial to work with and has a good understanding of the needs of film camera crews and I wouldn’t hesitate to link up with him again.”

Mike Dilger
Freelance Naturalist,
Presenter and Assistant Producer

“Jim McNeill arranged for a four-man BBC filming team to reach a remote peninsula on Ellesmere Island, Northern Canada and work there for eight weeks in summer 2007. Jim was responsible for all the complex health and safety issues in this extraordinarily isolated place. It would not have been possible for the BBC Natural History Unit to film in such a remote location in the High Arctic without Jim’s assistance. Jim was able to co-ordinate new aircraft landing sites in the ever-changing environment of the melting ice of the Arctic. This ensured that the film team could prioritise their work, knowing that the logistic needs could follow.”
“The Arctic location safety training that was provided by Jim lasted one week and ensured that the BBC team was confident and well prepared for any possible scenario. The course covered Navigation, Orientation, Personal and Medical Kits, Communications, Hazards and Risk Management. The forests around Ascot provided practical opportunities to learn. Jim even seemed able to provide snow for the week!”

Fergus Beeley

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your involvement and guidance through the whole of the pre-production phase and during the expedition itself.  I know it was physically very uncomfortable for you to be so sea sick, and uncomfortable, I expect, professionally to feel so debilitated.   Thankfully – and this is largely down to your planning, preparation and guidance on all fronts – we didn’t need a great deal of back up but I know that had the situation arisen, you would have sprung into action.  It was very reassuring having you around, Jim, and on a personal level, it was a real pleasure to get to know you a little.  Maybe one day i’ll be mad/brave enough to sign up for one of your expeditions.”

Colin Murray
BBC Scotland