Ice Warrior Business

In 2006 it became clear to me that Ice Warrior could be much more than an altruistic dream project so I took the step of resigning from both of my Fire Service employments with the Royal Household and Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service and suddenly became a professional, full time explorer.

Within a month I had my first contract to train a senior BBC film crew and guide them to where I had seen wolves on Ellesmere Island. As it transpired I ended up training them to work in the polar regions, creating the safety plans, specifying and supplying the kit and clothing, planning all the logistics and leading the expedition which would be the first to record arctic wolves and their denning behaviour.

The rest, as they say, “is history” and we now have successful OUTFITTING, TRAINING, LOGISTICS, SAFETY and PERFORMANCE TRAINING activities.

All, I’m very pleased to say, underpin and support the original Ice Warrior Project.