Jim McNeill

Jim has clocked up over 30 years of polar travelling and 35 years of expeditioning; thousands of miles mostly on nothing but skis and dragging his world behind him. Few, if any, have that breadth and depth of experience in extreme environments.

In January 2001 he conceived the idea of combining his professional rescue expertise with his polar expeditioning into a long term vision known as the Ice Warrior Project.

He has worked successfully in the environmental science sector, trained army personnel to use mountains safely and has 12 years of blue-chip marketing communications experience at consultancy level. In 2006 he resigned his 15 years of fire and rescue operations for the Royal Household, to engage in “professional exploring”.

Jim’s guiding, survival and logistics expertise is employed by BBC film crews in extreme locations and includes landmark series such as FROZEN PLANET, HUMAN PLANET, NATURAL WORLD and LAST EXPLORERS.  His reports for ITV News on the reality of climate change have been seen by audiences from around the globe.  Next year Jim plans to be the first person to walk to the Arctic Pole – the furthest point from land on the Arctic Ocean.

Throughout his career Jim has selected, trained and led teams in key business situations, where the reputation and share value of corporations is won and lost on strategic and tactical media relations; to critical life saving situations, where effective leadership and hands on teamwork are key to preserving the lives of car crash victims; through to longer term life-threatening situations in extreme climatic situations with multiple risks over long periods of time.  Jim thrives on challenge and change.  He has a passion for leadership and getting the very best performance out of individuals and teams, at any level.

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“Jim McNeill offers his audience an entertaining and fascinating insight into his truly remarkable adventures. His courage, unyielding determination and dedication to achieving the seemingly impossible left all those in the room feeling humbled and inspired. Any business serious about success should hear his message.”

Sue Thexton – Managing Director, ITN Source